Workshops for students, activists, and staff can be tailored to your specific needs. A few examples:

Writing for Impact – Engaging Hearts Online

  • How do we translate our traditional writing into effective text for an online audience?
  • How can we engage fleeting visitors to achieve our goals?
  • Goal: Participants will learn key strategies and a few tricks to bring to their writing

Strong Identities for Effective Campaigns

  • How do people learn about the spirit of our work?
  • How does our identity shape the action of our supporters?
  • Goal: Participants will gain an understanding of how to build a new identity and continuely

CRM: Transforming People from Audience to Action

  • Constituent Relationship Management – the software and strategy used with volunteers, reporters, former staff, interns, donors, board members, suppliers, advisors, elected officials, etc…
  • How do we effectively track the thousands of people who touch our organization?
  • How can we elevate people’s engagement to better support our mission
  • Goal: CRM planning is an extensive topic. This workshop will prepare you to begin that process with more confidence and clarity.

Moving forward with Social Media

  • How can we utilize social media in our organizing and outreach strategies?
  • How do we engage online to build deeper relationships that better contribute toward our mission?
  • How can we avoid some social media hurdles on a limited budget?
  • Goal: Participants will be energized and enabled to begin using social media more effectively.

Audience Engagement

  • How can we approach our audiences to build more engagement?
  • How can we assess our audiences’ interests and needs?
  • How can we identify our true fans and elevate them from audience to advocate?
  • Goal: Participants will become more goal oriented and strategic with their social media.

Info Strategies – Communication, Collaboration, and Listening to the Web

  • What tools can help manage our work without creating new burdens?
  • How can we share inside and outside our organization for rich and useful resources?
  • How can we keep track of what’s percolating across the web in our field and about our work?
  • Goal: Participants will be prepared to isolate the important information from the daily deluge.
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