Our Process

Five basic steps from nothing to something. A healthy process leads to a quality project. All collaboration should begin with this understanding. Developed from more than seven years of experience, our process fosters collaboration and results. It goes a little like this…

1. Discovery

Your success will depend first on a smart assessment of your situation. We’ll develop a nuanced understanding of your objectives, mixing your dreams with an evaluation of your audience, hurdles, and assets.

2. Strategy

Now that you understand where you’re at and where you hope to go, you need a plan. We’ll give you an innovative strategy built on experience and expertise. The writing and design that follows will be creative, but no decision will be arbitrary.

3. Creative

Your story and your strategy need life. We’ll infuse color, emotion, and ideas, exploring the aesthetics, tone, and methods that’ll best route your audience to your goals.

4. Build

Now comes the work. Except, the work feels more like play with all of the preparation we have done. We will execute our plan, giving ourselves time to evaluate and refine the results along the way.

5. Deliver

With all the details in place, we will smoothly deliver the sum of our work to your audience. We will support you through this critical period, ensuring everything goes as planned.

6. Evaluate, Learn, and Begin Again

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