Organizing 2.0

I’m presenting a workshop on Writing for a Digital Audience this coming weekend at the Organizing 2.0 Conference.

We will be covering a few strategies to help you effectively engage your audience and move them into action. We will discuss a few examples from your work to see how you can apply these strategies with ease.

View the slides and resources from the presentation

Check out all the great folks attending this event in New York on Saturday, December 5th. It’s just a few dollars to attend and will definitely be worth your time.

Organizing 2.0: bringing online organizers, the netroots, community organizers and the labor movement together. Not at the national level, where high powered political directors issue instructions to well staffed new media teams, but at the local level, where online strategies require generalists, lay leaders, volunteers and member engagement to succeed.

Update: Joe Dinkin from Working Families will join me for this workshop, offering more on the ground examples and expertise.

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