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There’s a new study out today with some advice on improving your online donations. In particular, the report examines how premiums can improve response rates and average gift sizes. Premiums are incentives given to donors, from t-shirts to tickets or accolades.

In this study, four nonprofits made an appeal, both with and without a premium. On average, with premiums:n

  • Response rates were up 95%
  • Average gift sized increased by 37%
  • Net revenue grew by 51%

They of course caution that what you offer and how you offer it makes a huge difference.

I encourage folks to consider what premium can further promote your cause. For example, 4 tickets to a movie will likely get your donor talking to 3 other people about your services. Attractive, well-fitting t-shirts can be great, but their awkward counterparts are almost as wasteful as a branded kazoo. Aim to be environmentally conscious with your premiums and push your cause further.

View the Power of the Premium (pdf) from M+R Strategic Services.

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