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The past 10 years have been incredibly generous to independent media makers. Despite the strength of corporations and their news businesses, rapidly advancing web tools have given individuals an edge. The pace of change enabled people to wedge themselves into the media landscape and connect directly with each other and the masses. People owned their own stories to an extent unseen in decades. Inertia, meanwhile, confined businesses to their traditional media outlets of print, tv, and radio. Their forays onto the web merely duplicated their offline stories.

The next 10 years may not be so generous. Technology will continue to evolve, but businesses will build adaptation into their routine. The experience and education of independent media makers will be absorbed. Independent media makers will be pressured to broadcast for more tightly controlled mobile tech. However…

Grab a report on the changing media landscape for business at the Media Management Center

Independent media makers are a wily bunch. They will maintain their wedge because they are nimble, resourceful, innovative, and proud. They will freely navigate the media landscape, carrying their stories to an ever-growing audience. They can do this because of their absolutely imperative efforts to:

  • Maintain and build lively relationships with each other and the public.
  • Demonstrate the value of independent media to everyone (not just people politically engaged).
  • Join decision making bodies to guide web and media standards and protocols.
  • Continue the push to make the airwaves and bandwidth a public asset.
  • Support open source technologies that are also free and for the public benefit.
  • Understand their corporate counterparts, stay nimble and ahead of their game.

Stay Ahead of the News Business

The Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University has published an extensive report on the Next Generation News Organization.

The report identifies six trends in technology and society that will impact news media for both media makers and consumers. The researchers then outlines “six capabilities that news organizations must build or strengthen to compete in the changing media landscape.”

The report provides insight that businesses will adopt vigorously. Independent media makers must understand these trends and predict how they will impact the channel between their media and the masses.

Grab a report on the changing media landscape for business at the Media Management Center

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