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I’m off to Detroit today, for the Allied Media conference this weekend. There’s a great line up of groups and sessions. It should be pretty inspiring.

Grant available from us for social justice groups Applications closed

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Allied Media Conference
Media Strategies for the Next 10 Years
June 20-22, 2008
Detroit, Michigan

The Allied Media Conference cultivates media strategies for a more just and creative world. It is the primary point of intersection in the U.S. for alternative media makers and committed social justice activists. In June, we will come together on the campus of Wayne State University to share tools and tactics for transforming our communities through media-based organizing.

The 10th AMC is a milestone for the media movement. Over the last ten years, we’ve broken silence and built movements. We’ve become the media and created our own communications tools. Now we want to use this gathering to project ourselves another ten years into the future.

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