Maher Arar

In September 2002, Maher Arar was detained and sent to Syria by US authorities at JFK airport. He was jailed for a year and tortured. He and his wife and children—all Canadians—have suffered considerably.

Now Mr. Arar has been fully exonerated by an official Canadian inquiry. Yet both Canada and the US have refused to apologize or offer compensation for his anguish and hardships.

This is unjust. Mr. Arar clearly deserves a formal apology. And his family deserves material compensation.

Send your own apology to Maher Arar through his website.

Urge Congress to demand that the INS issue a formal apology to Maher Arar. Enter your zipcode to write your reps:

Plea by Progressive Secretary. Read more on wikipedia.

Update: Canada has finally apologized for its role in Maher’s abduction. The US still refuses to acknowledge our guilt in his ordeal.

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